Alistair's portrait

Alistair McKechnie,
environmental and renewables copywriter, London

I've had a lot of fun writing about Siemens renewables, including hydro,  solar and wind energy. Before that I did heaps of work for the Carbon Trust and helped launch their offshoot, the Carbon Label Company.

Siemens 6MW wind turbine microsite by
                          London renewables copywriter
Microsite to launch Siemens' awesome new 6.0MW offshore wind turbine. Take a visit.

Siemens 6MW brochure by London renewables
                          copywriter Siemens offshore service brochure by
                          London renewables copywriter
A couple of Siemens Wind Power brochures. Click on the images to download them.

Carbon Trust DM by London copywriter
DM piece offering to measure companies' carbon footprints. (Art Director: Paul Ryan)

Carbon Label microsite by London
Carbon Label Company microsite

Also in the environmental line, here's a concept executed for Amex's paperless billing:
Environmental copywriting Amex paperless
                      by London copywriter
Art Director: Brendan McGrath