who we are

We are a small team of mates who decided to leave our day jobs as professional copywriters and begin working for ourselves at the beginning of this year.

Having freelanced individually for a few months successfully, we decided to put our heads together as mates and start our own business, believing the rates of copywriting shouldn't have to increase above the national average simply due to our proximity to London.

Fast forward to the present and we have a growing client base, a professional looking website (we hope), a shared flat and enough money to be able to afford a Dyson hoover to clean it.

...but we dont want to show off.

hoover for cleaning our copywriting flat

what we do

Well, we write.

We write pretty damn well.

We have experience through finance and fashion, to B2B and SEO and pretty much everything in between.

Need to explain the difference between a Collateralized Debt Obligation and an Asset-Backed Security? Or why 'Stone Island's logo-centric style creates the ideal segue from haute couture to street chic?'. We've got it covered.

Ranging from jargon-laden, industry-specific professional B2B copy or SEO-focused product descriptions that aren't just a cocophony of synonyms and keywords, we will liaise with you to no-end about your brand's style, image and goals to create a brief that you'll be as happy with as we are.

What it comes down to


Our daily rate


Average daily rate in London

How we do it

The long and short of it is, we're (comparatively) cheap. And honest.

We are able to do this by minimizing our overheads, choosing not to hire expensive offices and driving flash cars, we work from our office at home and drive a 2005 Renault Clio (the 2 litre sport version, of course). 

Also, because we are working for ourselves, we work hard, and our work-rate is a reflection of this, meaning you wont be paying day-rate for tea-drinking and Top Gear watching.

We also like to be upfront about what we charge. As a new startup we are building a client base and feel that while as individuals our portfolios are broad, as a team, we are still creating a storied and diverse showcase and feel our rate reflects this.

So, for now, we are bucking the industry trend surrounding pricing and allowing our clients to see upfront what they'll pay for the work they receive.  

As a diffusion from the rest of the industry, and to bolster your confidence in us, once we have mutually agreed on a brief we will produce some sample copy for you to review before any money changes hands, so you can be absolutely confident in what you're paying for.

Not bad, eh?

The top gear team



Get in touch


Have any questions about life, the universe and everything? Drop us an email

Honestly, dont be afraid to ask.

We're more than willing to entertain heavy discounts for repeat work, ongoing work or large quantities, we're nice guys and wont be offended. 

Give us an idea of what you're after we'll get back to you and get the ball rolling.

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