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Palace Skateboards: A case study into brand voice and personality.

Tone of voice and brand personality in 2018...

Completely irrelevant. Completely brilliant.

Imagine a brand run by skateboarders with little to no previous business experience and equally as much experience in the fashion industry, and you’re pretty much imagining Palace skateboards.

However, despite the brand’s ineptitude in business, their collections sell out in minutes, with patient fans often queuing days in advance in order to get their hands on to the stock first and to take advantage of the lucrative resale market.

Since its inception, the brand has stayed true to its origins and refused to lose its sense of youthful informality and to stray into the world of corporate greed, with clothing descriptions that will unapologetically rip into competitor brands and the people that wear them while having no actual relevance to the clothing they describe.

It would seem that the brand has either written their web copy in one of two ways:

1. They have paid a huge amount of money for it.

They have either paid an extraordinarily large sum of money for a copywriter with such clarity of vision and a deep understanding of the brand’s roots that they were able to wholly encapsulate their tone of voice so perfectly that their work is now considered inimitable, and is as much of a draw to the website as the clothes themselves, or…

2. They got really stoned and just wrote what they were thinking at the time.

Whether that be an astute observation on their favourite kebab or random musings on the fashion industry that only someone ‘of a certain state of mind’ can produce, if you do your research on the founders of the company, you quickly realise that this is the more likely method.

Either way, their copy has become an extreme example of capturing a brand’s tone of voice perfectly, and has been a resounding success since the day their e-commerce store was launched for one simple reason: People like to laugh, and their copy is nothing short of hilarious.

Take a look for yourself…

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